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Bringing you comfortable and unique modest clothing from around the world.



Looking for comfort in modest clothing? Explore products that are breathable and lightweight. They were designed to keep you comfortable



This Jersey scarf is by far THE most comfortable scarf I’ve ever worn in my 30+ years of being a muhajaba! I have resisted getting the jersey scarves because I prefer more coverage along my chest and none I tried recently provided that. When I revisited the idea of trying a jersey scarf, I found them uncomfortable. My daughter requested this one, and after receiving it, I was blown away by how soft it was. I asked to borrow it, and while it’s not as long as I’m used to, I think the size is perfect! It provides full coverage and is completely non see through with just one layer. It’s cool, soft and you literally forget you’re wearing a scarf. I wore this one the whole day and when I got home, I left it on because it was just that comfortable.


" I just wanted to say JazakAllah Khair! I LOVE the pants I got from you. Mashallah. I have been wearing it (black and the white one) everyday under my slightly short dresses to the masjid and they are so comfortable and amazing I can't take them off. Lol. I love them alhamdulilaah.

- Ruman

Been a customer of Heba’s Collection twice now and love how elegant and comfortable her pieces are. They are effortlessly stylish and very easy to dress up or down. I did have an issue with one item but the owner takes customer service very seriously and diligently worked with me until it was sorted out. Super satisfied with my purchases and looking forward to what she comes up with next!


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